Late cries rise like lost balloons from the park,
And day sinks into magnifying dark. . . .
About Sixty Sonnets
A.E. Stallings writes that "like the minutes of the hour, these Sixty Sonnets both combine to make a whole and shine as individual moments."

Sixty Sonnets delights in a decidedly badass bravura. Hilbert’s red-blooded diction and febrile
subjects put paid to any lingering suspicions about traditional verse’s chronic anemia.
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Praise for Sixty Sonnets
"Ernest Hilbert's sure-footed poems have the breathless urgency of a man telling others the way out of a burning building. Unafraid to startle, often winning out over recalcitrant material, they score astonishing successes. A bold explorer with few rivals, Hilbert enlarges the territory of traditional form. Sixty Sonnets may be the most arresting sequence we have had since John Berryman checked out of America."

– X.J. Kennedy, author of Lords of Misrule and editor of Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama

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